Accessing Inspections from RepairWriter

This window allows you to access your inspections.  You can also access previous inspections from the Vehicle History & Vehicle History - Quick Look windows by clicking the SDR Inspections link.

Step 1

Inspection List

Select Customer, Vehicle Inspections (Alt + C, S) from the main drop-down menu.

Step 2


  • Inspections Inspections:  Shows the inspection list in the default web browser. (Alt + I)
  • Edit Edit:  Opens the selected inspection for editing. (Alt + T)
  • View View:  Shows the PDF of the selected inspection. (Alt + V)
  • Email Email:  Allows you to email the selected inspection. (Alt + E)
  • Message Text:  Allows you to Text Message the selected inspection. (Alt + X)
  • Close Close:  Closes the Vehicle Inspections window. (Esc or Alt + C)
  • Help Help:  Opens context sensitive help. (F1)

Additional Steps

Vehicle History

Click the SDR Inspections link from Vehicle History or the Vehicle History - Quick Look window the to view previous inspections.